Traffic light lollies


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To make these fruity lollies, ask an adult to help you find these ingredients and pieces of equipment.


  • 6 strawberries or other soft red fruit

  • 1 mango or other soft orange fruit

  • 2 kiwi fruit or other soft green fruit

Makes 6-8 lollies (depending on mould size)


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  • small sharp knife

  • plate

  • fork

  • ice lolly maker with 6 to 8 moulds

  • a freezer!

REMEMBER – Ask an adult to help with all the peeling and chopping. Wash your hands before you start.

Step 1

Image - 4_1_1_strawberry.jpg

Take the stalks off the strawberries, wash them then crush them on a plate with a fork.

Put the crushed strawberry into the bottom of each lolly mould so that it comes about a third of the way up the mould.

Step 2

Image - 4_1_1_mango.jpg

Peel the mango.

Then cut the flesh from the stone.

Roughly mash the flesh with your fork.

Put the mango on top of the strawberry so the moulds are two-thirds full.

Step 3

Image - 4_1_1_kiwi.jpg

Peel and crush the kiwi.

Then put it into the lolly moulds on top of the crushed mango - leave some room at the top of each mould as the fruit will take up more space when it freezes.

Step 4

Image - mixer_lolly.gif

Put a lolly stick through the middle of each fruity mixture.

Pop the moulds in the freezer and wait for your lollies to freeze.

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