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Cooking is fun! (PDF) is a 36 page booklet to support early years teachers, primary school teachers and parents of children aged 4-11 in starting and running a cookery club.

Learning how to prepare healthy meals is an important skill in life, and the earlier children start the better. By aquiring this invaluable skill, children also gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

What's inside?

  • 12 fun children's recipes
  • teaching ideas
  • healthy cooking methods
  • tips on cooking in season
  • information and advice on healthy eating

Cooking is fun! supports Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teaching. It also contains a simple guide to setting up and starting a cookery club, with practical supporting materials including:

  • shopping lists
  • planning sheets
  • risk assessment forms
  • parental consent forms
  • information on safety and hygeine

Purchase the Cooking is fun! pack

You can purchase the Cooking is fun! pack online for £5 (excluding P&P) through the WCRF UK website. The pack contains a glossy, durable printed copy of the booklet, three large Great Grub Club posters and a set of measuring spoons.

Free downloads

Below you can download the Cooking is fun! booklet and additional teaching resources for free. All downloads are in PDF format.

Cooking is fun!

Cooking is fun! complete booklet (8.2 Mb) 

In the kitchen

Cooking equipment (349.6 Kb) 
Cooking words (282.3 Kb) 
Hygiene rules (405.2 Kb) 
Kitchen safety (158.8 Kb) 

Food and health

5 A DAY factsheet (1.2 Mb) 
Brilliant breads (538.9 Kb) 
Green plant foods (241.3 Kb) 
How nutrients help our bodies (254.2 Kb)
Food from the sea (496.9 Kb) 
Orange plant foods (246.6 Kb) 
Our plate of good health (801.2 Kb) 
Red plant foods (310.9 Kb) 
Spectacular spices (2 Mb) 
Taste a rainbow wall chart (831.9 Kb) 
White plant foods (351.1 Kb) 
Why do we need nutrients? (537.2 Kb) 
Yellow plant foods (537.2 Kb)


Cooking equipment poster (1.6 Mb)
Cooking in season poster (1.5 Mb)
Safe cooking and hygiene poster (1.3 Mb)


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