Summer growing

What will you grow?

Image - Olivia_growing_radish_1.jpg

There are plenty of vegetables to grow during the summer.

Why not grow some yourself?

Eating lots of plant foods helps keep us healthy.


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Beetroot is a root vegetable, which means that we eat the root part of the plant.

You can eat the leaves in a salad too.

Sow seeds in a large, deep container so that the roots have room to grow.


Image - radish_cut_out.jpg

Radishes contain vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps keep our skin healthy.

They are root vegetables too.

They taste great in a salad.

Spring onions

Image - spring_onion_cut_out.jpg

Spring onions contain vitamins A and C.

Vitamin A helps us to have good eyesight.

They taste yummy chopped up in a stir fry!


Image - carrot_cut_out.jpg

Carrots contain fibre and vitamin A.

Fibre helps food move through our bodies – it helps us go to the toilet regularly.

Carrots are also root vegetables.

Raw carrots are a tasty lunch box snack.

Sow seeds in a large, deep container.


Image - spinach_cut_out.jpg

Spinach is a leaf vegetable, so we eat the leaf part of the plant.

Spinach contains fibre, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron.

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