Snack's sandwiches

Snack's sandwiches

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I love a good sandwich - a great way to help me get my 5 A DAY. Here are some of my favourites...

Fish food

Image - sandwich-fish-food.jpg

Try making this tasty sandwich!

Main sandwich: wholemeal sliced bread with boiled-egg slices and sliced tomato filling

Eye: sliced boiled egg and olive

Tail: lettuce leaves

Fins: cucumber slices

Sandwich kebabs

Image - SandwichKebabs.jpg

Try making some yummy picnic kebabs.

To make these kebabs I used houmous and spinach as the fillings, and then put chunks of apple, cheese, cucumber and tomato on my kebab sticks too.

Make sure you ask an adult to help you push the food onto the sticks - they can be quite sharp!

Monster crunch

Image - sandwich-monster-munch.jpg

I love this monster crunch sandwich! This is how you make it...

Main sandwich: wholemeal sliced bread with houmous and grated carrot filling.

Eyes: sliced boiled egg and olive

Hair: carrot sticks

Nose: cherry tomato

Mouth: red pepper

Bap face

Image - SandwichBapFace.jpg

I had lots of fun making this bap into a face - see which faces you can make...

For the filling in this sandwich I used lettuce, cheese, houmous and red pepper.

Remember to use wholegrain bread if you can because it's better for you than white bread.

Crazy crab

Image - sandwich-crazy-crab.jpg

This is another one of my favourites...

Main sandwich: wholemeal roll with low-fat cheese and tomato filling

Eyes: low-fat cream cheese and black olive

Legs: cucumber sticks

Head: half a large tomato

Seedy bagel

Image - SandwichSeedyTunaBagel.jpg

I love these seedy bagels! The pumpkin seeds on the top contain protein, which helps our bodies grow.

I filled this bagel with tuna, tomatoes and cucumber.

What would you put in yours?

Flower power

Image - sandwich-flower-power.jpg

This is a great one for summer!

Main sandwich: wholemeal sliced bread with low-fat cream cheese, cut into the shape of a flower

Centre: cherry tomato

Leaves: lettuce leaves

Stem: cucumber sticks

Petals: red pepper

Peter pig

Image - sandwich-peter-pig.jpg

Try making this tasty sandwich!

Main sandwich: wholemeal sliced bread with sliced tomato and tuna sweetcorn mix filling

Ears: cucumber slices

Eyes: sliced radish and black olive

Nose: low-fat cheese and black olive

Grass: lettuce leaves

Sandwich stack

Image - SandwichStack.jpg

See how tall you can stack your sandwiches!

In these sandwich stacks I used tomato, houmous, cheese and cucumber.


Hungry house

Image - sandwich-hungry-house.jpg

Try making this tasty sandwich!

Main sandwich: wholemeal sliced bread with chicken and lettuce filling

Roof: red pepper

Flower: sliced boiled egg and black olive

Windows: carrot and cucumber

Grass: lettuce leaves

Door: low-fat cheese and black olive

Sandwich stars

Image - SandwichStars.jpg

I used a pastry cutter to make these sandwich stars. The rest of the gang loved them!

I put spinach on a piece of bread and put the stars on top. I added some hummus and a bit of red pepper too. Around the edge I put tomato and cucumber.

You could cut your sandwiches to make all sorts of other shapes - can you think of some?

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