Pedal's scavenger hunt

Pedal's scavenger hunt

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Scavenger hunts are lots of fun! Can you find all the items in the quickest time possible?

If the weather is not nice why not play scavenger hunt at home?

Step 1

Image - Scavenger_Chart

Before you start, each player needs a copy of the scavenger hunt chart with the list of items to find.

You will also need some tape to stick the items on the chart.

Step 2

Image - Step1ScavengerHunt

Choose an area in the park where your scavenger hunt will take place.

Mark a starting point, for example a tree.

Step 3

Image - Step2ScavengerHunt

Set a timer.

At the signal, each player has 20-30 minutes to find as many items from the list as possible.

Step 4

Image - Step3ScavengerHunt

Every time a player finds an item from the list, they need to stick it to their chart and move on to find the next item.

Step 5

Image - Step4ScavengerHunt

Once a player has completed the chart, they need to run back to the starting point and shout that they are the winner.

Next time why not create your own scavenger hunt chart?

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