Scarecrow spoons

Getting ready

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A scarecrow is a kind of doll that farmers stand in their fields. The scarecrow is supposed to scare away birds that might eat the farmer's crops.
You can make your own mini scarecrow spoon to protect your seedlings from birds, or even pets. 

You will need:

  • wooden spoon

  • strong glue 

  • sticky tape

  • paints and a paintbrush

  • collage materials like: felt, crepe paper, wiggly eyes, foil, pipe cleaners, string, cotton, sequins

Remember to make sure an adult helps you to use the glue and keep it away from your skin.

Step 1

Image - scarecrow-step1.jpg

First, carefully paint a face onto the head of a wooden spoon.

Step 2

Image - scarecrow-step2.jpg

Next, twist a pipe cleaner around the spoon to make arms.

Stick on some hair too – perhaps using scrunched-up crepe paper, cotton or felt.

Step 3

Image - scarecrow-step3.jpg

Now stick on clothes.

Try wrapping fabric around the spoon or even cutting out some fabric trousers!

Step 4

Image - scarecrow-step4.jpg

Finally, add any extra bits and pieces you like.

Do you want your scarecrow spoon to have something in its hair? Or do you want it to be carrying something?

Use your imagination and whichever materials you have!

Step 5

Image - scarecrow-finished.jpg

When you have made your scarecrow spoon, stand it in a pot of herbs or seedlings to guard over them.

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