Potato-tastic wrapping paper

Getting ready

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Potatoes are not just good to eat.

Did you know that you can use them to make your own wrapping paper too?

It's great fun!

You will need:?

  • a large potato
  • knife
  • chopping board
  • a star-shaped and a tree-shaped cookie cutter
  • table knife
  • large coloured paper
  • different colours of paint
  • paper plates
  • glitter

Step 1

Image - Potato_tastic_potato_cutter.jpg

Ask an adult to help you cut the potatoes in half using a sharp knife.

Gently push the star cookie cutter into one half of the potato and the tree cookie cutter into the other.

Step 2

Image - Potato_tastic_cutting_potato.jpg

Next, ask an adult to help you cut a thick slice around the pattern of the cookie cutter.

Very carefully remove the outer layer of the potato with a table knife. Then gently remove the cookie cutter.

Step 3

Image - Potato_tastic_potato_paint.jpg

Put one large sheet of paper on the table and squirt different colours of paint onto the paper plates.

Dip one of your potato stamps into the paint you want to print with.

Step 4

Image - Potato_tastic_painting.jpg

Gently press your potato stamp onto the paper to make a print.

Repeat this step alternating between star and tree stamps to make a pattern.

Sprinkle some glitter on top while the paint is still wet.

Step 5

Image - Potato_tastic_wrapping_paper_1.jpg

Leave the wrapping paper to dry for a couple of hours.

Finally, your own wrapping paper is ready.

You can use it to wrap Christmas presents for your friends and family.

Step 6

Image - Potato_tastic_wrapping_paper_2.jpg

Why not make a version using leaves instead of potatoes?

You can use it to wrap birthday presents, or to cover books or notepads.

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