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Recommendations for Action for people

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The 2009 WCRF Policy Report addresses 4 Recommendations for Action to people as decision-takers, in their capacities as members of families and communities. These Recommendations are:

  • Support organisations and initiatives whose purpose is to improve public and personal health and to prevent chronic diseases including cancer
  • Develop policies and set examples within the household and community to enable healthy eating, sustained physical activity, and weight control
  • Ensure that personal, household, family, and community good health and protection against disease are priorities when making major decisions
  • Use independent nutrition guides, food labels, and other reliable information when planning household supplies and purchasing food and drinks

WCRF UK supporting people to implement the Recommendations for Action

WCRF UK provides a range of publications for the general public to help them eat healthily, take regular physical activity and maintain a healthy weight. We encourage parents, in their role as decision-makers for their families, to use these publications when planning their household supplies, and when purchasing food and drinks.

For more information, or to download WCRF UK publications, visit For practical tips and ideas on healthy meals and snacks for the whole family, visit

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