Painted pebbles

Getting ready

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These colourful pebbles can decorate your garden, allotment or window box. You can also use them to remind you which seeds you've planted where. 

To make these painted pebbles you will need to ask an adult to help you find these things:

  • large pebbles

  • acrylic paints

  • paintbrush

  • pipe cleaners

  • strong glue

  • newspaper (this activity can be a bit messy!)

  • apron

Step 1

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Paint each pebble one colour. You might need to use two coats of paint to make the colour bright and strong. Let the paint dry.

Step 2

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When the pebbles have dried you can paint on some patterns in a different colour.

Step 3

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Use as many colours as you like to paint the patterns – just remember to let each colour dry before you use another one.

You can put your pebbles in the garden like this...or you could make them into little creatures...

Step 4

Image - paintedpebbles-step4.jpg

You can make your pebble into a creature by sticking on some pipe cleaner legs. Make sure an adult helps you with the glue.

Step 5

Image - paintedpebbles-step5.jpg

When the glue is dry, turn the pebble over and bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of legs. Paint on some eyes and give your creature a name!

Step 6

Image - paintedpebbles-step6.jpg

If you like, you can stick some pebbles together to make a caterpillar. See how many different kinds of pebble creatures you can make!

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