My active summer memory box

Getting ready

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A memory box is a bit like a treasure box – a place where you can put things you want to keep because they remind you of something special.

First, follow the simple instructions to make your own memory box.

Then, take up the challenges one at a time.

You will need:

  • shoebox

  • wrapping paper

  • scissors

  • tape

  • markers

  • glue

  • decorations such as stickers, glitter and sequins

Step 1

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Cover the shoebox and lid with colourful wrapping paper and glue or tape it into place.

Then decorate the box with markers, glitter, sequins and more.

Step 2

Image - memory_box3.jpg

Now that your box is ready, take a look at the list of challenges and have fun collecting the items for your active summer memory box.

Active summer challenges

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On the next few pages you will find challenges to try.

Every time you complete a challenge put the item you collect into your memory box.

At the end of the summer, have fun looking back at what you have done!

Be a swimmer

Image - mem_swimming.jpg

Be a swimmer for a day.

Collect an entry ticket for your local swimming pool.

Be an explorer

Image - mem_searcher_1.jpg

Be an explorer for a day.

Collect a colourful leaf, a pine cone and a funny-shaped stone from your local park.

Be a gardener

Image - mem_garden.jpg

Be a gardener for a day.

Collect the seeds that are left over from vegetables you grow over the summer.

Have a look at Grow it! for a list of fruits and vegetables that you can easily grow at home.

Be a dancer

Image - mem_dance_2.jpg

Be a dancer for a day.

Put together a dance routine and collect the music CD you danced to.

Be an artist

Image - mem_artist_1.jpg

Be an artist for a day.

Draw or paint your favourite summer sport or healthy summer food.

Be a chef

Image - mem_chef_2.jpg

Be a chef for a day.

Ask an adult to help you cook something special for your friends and collect the recipe you used.

For some tasty recipes take a look at cook it.

Be a writer

Image - mem_writer_2.jpg

Be a writer for a day.

Write a short story about something special that has happened during the summer.

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