Make seed markers

Getting ready

Image - Olivia_p15_colour.jpg

Try making these colourful seed markers to keep track of which seeds you've planted where.

You will need:

  • plant canes, cut to about 20cm

  • playdough in a variety of colours

  • seeds

  • pots

  • soil

Step 1

Image - Seed_Marker_GGC41_1.jpg

First, choose the right playdough colours to make your vegetable.

Start squashing and pulling the playdough into the shape of the vegetable.

Use different coloured playdough for the different parts of the vegetable.

Step 2

Image - Seed_Marker_GGC41_4.jpg

Now gently push a garden cane into the bottom of the playdough vegetable.

Leave the playdough to dry overnight.

Step 3

Image - Seed_Marker_GGC41_7.jpg

Finally, put your seed marker into its pot to remind you which seeds you've planted.

Step 4

Image - Seed_Marker_GGC41_12.jpg

Make different seed markers for your different seeds!

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