Make concertina fruits

Getting ready

Image - GettingReady

You will need:

  • different coloured pieces of A4 paper
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil
  • children's scissors
  • felt-tip pens
  • glue stick

Step 1

Image - Step1_2

Cut up a red piece of paper to make a long strip about 7cm wide x 30cm long.

Step 2

Image - Step2.jpg

Fold the strip in half.

Hold the sides and push them together to fold the paper into an S-shape - unfold to see your concertina.

Step 3

Image - Step3.jpg

Fold up the piece of paper again and use your pen or pencil to draw the outline of a strawberry shape on it.

Step 4

Image - Step4.jpg

Hold the folded paper firmly and carefully cut round the shape but don't cut all the way through the sides.

Step 5

Image - Step5_1.jpg

Open out the paper to show your concertina strawberry shapes.

Step 6

Image - Step6.jpg

Fold a thin strip of green paper in the same way.

Cut out rows of tiny triangles to make strawberry tops and rectangles for stalks.

Step 7

Image - Step7.jpg

Stick the tops and stalks on your strawberries.

Step 8

Image - Step8.jpg

Use a felt-tip pen to draw some little dots on your strawberries to look like seeds.

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