Make a fruity beanbag

Getting ready

Image - make-bean-bag-equip.jpg

Playing beanbag games is a great way to be active! Why not make your own beanbags?

Ask an adult to help you find or buy these pieces of equipment:

You will need:

  • different coloured pieces of felt

  • ruler

  • felt-tip pen

  • scissors

  • safe glue

  • strong cotton thread

  • sewing needles

  • dried beans or peas

  • embroidery thread

TAKE CARE: some steps need adult help.

Step 1

Image - make-bean-bag-step2_1.jpg

Using your ruler and felt-tip pen, draw a large square on one piece of felt.

The square should be about 10cm by 10cm.

Step 2

Image - make-bean-bag-step3.jpg

Put the piece of felt on top of a second piece.

Holding them together, carefully cut out your square shape.

Step 3

Image - make-bean-bag-step4.jpg

Draw some fruit shapes on some different coloured pieces of felt.

Now carefully cut the shapes out.

Step 4

Image - make-bean-bag-step5.jpg

Stick the pieces of fruit on to your two squares or ask an adult to help you sew the pieces on instead.

Step 5

Image - make-bean-bag-step6.jpg

With adult help, tightly sew together three sides of your two squares.

Pick a cotton thread in a colour that won't show up too much.

Step 6

Image - make-bean-bag-step7.jpg

Half-fill the beanbag with the dried beans or peas.

Then finish sewing it up so the beans won't fall out.

Step 7

Image - make-bean-bag-finished.jpg

To finish off, you could use some different coloured embroidery thread to sew a pattern around the edges of the beanbag.

Now you've made your beanbag, get ready to play some beanbag games.

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