Make a bean bed

Getting ready

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Mung bean sprouts love to grow in the dark – so make your seeds a bed to sleep in!

Ask an adult to help you get together these things:

  • empty plastic tray (like a blueberry or tomato tray)

  • slightly larger cardboard fruit or vegetable tray (or a plastic one covered with paper)

  • tablespoon

  • mung bean seeds

  • sieve

  • small bowl

  • cotton wool

  • small watering can or jug

  • large plastic sandwich bag

  • black binbag

  • safe scissors

  • felt tips

TAKE CARE: Keep plastic bags away from babies and small children.

Step 1

Image - beanbedstep1.jpg

Put two tablespoons of mung bean seeds in a sieve.

Rinse them under the cold water tap.

Step 2

Image - beanbedstep2.jpg

Put the seeds in a bowl and cover with cold water.

Leave them to soak overnight.

Step 3

Image - beanbedstep3.jpg

The next day, make a bean sprout bed by decorating the sides of your cardboard tray.

We drew stars and moons. What will you draw?

Step 4

Image - beanbedstep4.jpg

Put your plastic tray inside the cardboard tray.

Cover the bottom of the plastic tray with cotton wool.

Step 5

Image - beanbedstep5.jpg

Sprinkle the cotton wool with water to make it damp.

Step 6

Image - beanbedstep6.jpg

Tip your seeds into the sieve to drain away the water.

Step 7

Image - beanbedstep7.jpg

Spread the seeds out over the cotton wool.

Step 8

Image - beanbedstep8.jpg

Put the bean bed inside a plastic sandwich bag – don't pull the bag too tight as you will need plenty of space for your beans to sprout!

Step 9

Image - beanbedstep9.jpg

Put this in a black binbag then find a warm, dark place for your seeds to sleep!

Step 10

Image - beanbedstep10.jpg

Take out your bean bed every day and sprinkle the seeds with water – soon they will start to sprout like this.

Step 11

Image - beanbedstep11.jpg

After about five days they should look like this.

Cut the sprouts, wash them and add to a sandwich. Or, ask an adult to help you put them in a stir fry.

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