Leaves you can eat!

Getting ready

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It will take about 3 or 4 weeks to grow your own lettuce leaves. It is best to grow them in Spring, when the cold weather has passed.

Ask an adult to help you find or buy these things:

  • a large clay flowerpot

  • paints and a paintbrush

  • small stones

  • compost

  • a fork and a trowel

  • lettuce seeds

  • watering can

TAKE CARE– You can't eat the leaves of all plants. Always check with an adult which plant leaves are ok to eat. 

Step 1

Image - lettucestep1.jpg

Paint a picture on your flowerpot – how about a caterpillar?

Step 2

Image - lettucestep2.jpg

Put a few stones in the bottom of the pot.

Now add some compost so your pot is two-thirds full.

Press it down then water it.

Step 3

Image - lettucestep3.jpg

Use your fork to lightly scrape over the top of the compost.

Step 4

Image - lettucestep4.jpg

Sprinkle on some seeds then cover them with a thin layer of compost.

Put the pot outside in a sunny spot.

Step 5

Image - lettucestep5.jpg

Water your seeds every day.

You could put some netting over the top of the pot to keep real caterpillars and snails out!

Step 6

Image - lettucestep6.jpg

After about a week you should see some seedlings start to grow.

Step 7

Image - lettucestep7.jpg

After another week your seedlings should have grown into baby leaves.

Step 8

Image - lettucestep8.jpg

After another week or two, your leaves should be ready to eat. Break them off, then wash them and eat them! You could use your leaves in a salad or a sandwich.

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