Jurassic jungle

Getting ready

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Cress contains vitamins A and C to help you fight off coughs and colds, and it tastes great in a boiled egg sandwich!

To grow a Jurassic cress jungle you will need:

  • cress seeds

  • jar lid

  • kitchen roll or tissue

  • black card

  • small pebbles or shells

  • small toy dinosaurs or animals

Step 1

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First, put a bit of damp kitchen roll or tissue in a jar lid.

Step 2

Image - jurassicjungle-step2.jpg

Next, sprinkle on some cress seeds.

Only put the seeds where you want the cress to grow.

Step 3

Image - jurrasicjungle-step3.jpg

Put a piece of black card over the seeds.

Leave your seeds for a few days, but make sure you water them often enough to keep the tissue damp.

Step 4

Image - jurassicjungle-step4.jpg

Soon the cress seeds will look like this.

Now take the card away.

Keep adding a few drops of water to the sprouts each day.

Step 5

Image - jurassicjungle-gettingready.jpg

After about two more days the cress will be taller.

Add some pebbles and small toy dinosaurs or animals to finish your Jurassic jungle.

Snip off some stalks to put in a sandwich!

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