Grow strawberries

Getting ready

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It will take about 12 weeks to grow a strawberry plant. The best time to start is during spring or summer because strawberries need to grow in sun. They also need to be sheltered from wind and rain.

To grow your own strawberry plant ask an adult to help you find these things:

  • young strawberry plant (from a garden centre)

  • large flowerpot 

  • watering can

  • pebbles 

  • trowel

  • gardening gloves

  • small paintbrush 

  • poster paints (green, red and black)

Step 1

Image - strawberryplant-step1.jpg

Using black paint, draw a strawberry by painting a heart shape on your flowerpot. Paint it red and then let it dry. Then add a face and some arms and legs. Paint a green stalk on top.

Step 2

Image - strawberryplantstep2.jpg

Put on your gloves. Put a few stones in the bottom of your pot to help the water drain out properly. Put some compost in the pot like this.

Step 3

Image - strawberryplantstep3.jpg

Now carefully take your strawberry plant out of its little pot and put it into your big flowerpot. Add more compost to fill the pot.

Step 4

Image - strawberryplantstep4.jpg

Put your plant outside in the sun and water it every day. Keep it sheltered from strong winds.
When the strawberries start to grow they will be green, but soon...

Step 5

Image - strawberryplant-fullygrown.jpg

...they will look like this!
Pick the strawberries as soon as they turn completely red – this means they are ripe and ready to eat!

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