Grow root islands

Getting ready

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Keep the part of the vegetable you don't use for this experiment to make Root vegetable wedges

You will need:

  • root vegetables such as parsnip, carrot, turnip and beetroot (it is best to use ones that have sprouted a little)

  • dish

  • water

Step 1

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Ask an adult to help you cut the tops off some root vegetables so they are at least 3cm tall.

Step 2

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Put a little cold water into a dish and spread the vegetable tops on the dish with the flat side down.

Step 3

Image - Root_island3.jpg

Carefully pour in a little more water around the vegetable tops, but don't cover them.

Step 4

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Put the dish on a windowsill.

Add a little water each day.

The shoots will grow in a few days.

Step 5

Image - Root_island5.jpg

Your shoots will grow to look like tall trees on islands!

Why not make a little paper boat to sail through the islands?

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