Sweet cherry tomatoes

Getting ready

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Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? It's a fruit!

Tomatoes are easy to grow in a pot. Why not try today?

Cherry tomatoes take about 14 weeks to grow.

Sow them between March and May.

You will need:

  • cherry tomato seeds

  • egg cartons

  • compost

  • watering can

  • small plant pots

  • large plant pots

  • sticks

  • a piece of string

Step 1

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First, fill an egg carton with compost.

Press the compost down then water it a little.

Push each seedstick into the compost with the point down until you reach the black line.

Leave the carton in a warm place.

Step 2

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Soon, the seeds will sprout and grow into seedlings.

Pull out some of the smaller seedlings to allow room for others to keep growing.

Water them often to keep the compost moist.

Step 3

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About seven to 10 days later carefully move each of your seedlings into its own small pot.

Place the pots on a bright window sill and turn them regularly.

Water them a little every day.

Step 4

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Once the plants have around six leaves, move each plant into its own larger pot.

Make a hole in the compost first, then gently put in your plant.

Add more compost to fill in the pot.

Do the same for each plant.

Step 5

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When your plants grow taller, push a stick into each pot to support them.

Use a piece of string to loosely tie the stem to the stick.

If you have a garden, put the pots outside in a sheltered sunny spot.

Step 6

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Soon you will have tomatoes growing on your plant.

You can pick them when they turn red.

Cherry tomatoes are sweet and tasty in salads, as a snack or in your lunch box.

My seed diary

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Download the seed diary to record how your cherry tomatoes are growing!

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