Make a friendship seed bracelet

Getting ready

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Make friendship bracelets for all your friends using watermelon and cantaloupe melon seeds.

It's easy and lots of fun too.

You will need:

  • watermelon

  • cantaloupe melon

  • sieve

  • spoon

  • kitchen towel

  • scissors

  • elastic thread

  • large needle (it's safer for younger children to use plastic needles instead)

  • beads (optional)

Step 1

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First ask an adult to cut the watermelon and cantaloupe in half.

Scoop out some of the pulp of the watermelon and cantaloupe and squash it through a sieve to get the seeds out.

Rinse the seeds in water and drain them.

Step 2

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Spread the seeds in between two sheets of kitchen towel and tap them dry.

Step 3

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Next, cut a piece of elastic thread about 20cm long and thread the needle.

Put a seed on a plate and push the needle through it.

Then, push the seed down the length of the thread until it's about 2cm from the end.

Be careful not to pierce your finger.

Step 4

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Now run the needle back through the seed and gently pull it tight.

This will act as a stopper for the rest of the seeds.

Step 5

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Continue to thread the seeds and alternate between the two different seeds.

When your bracelet is long enough, sew through the last seed twice.

Trim the thread 3cm from the last seed and tie each end together into a knot.

Step 6

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Finally your friendship seed bracelet is ready.

Why not make one for each of your friends?

You can try adding different coloured beads or other kinds of seeds.

Did you know

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Watermelon and cantaloupe melon taste delicious and make a refreshing snack in summer.

Enjoy them while you make your bracelet!

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