Football dribbling posts

Getting ready

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Football is one of my favourite ways to be active. I'm trying to improve my dribbling so I made some dribbling posts to help me.

Why don't you have a go?

You will need:

  • three big water bottles

  • brightly coloured and black and white acrylic paint

  • newspaper

  • PVA glue

  • paintbrush

  • football

Step 1

Image - dribbling-posts-step1.jpg

First, mix some paint with a little PVA glue.

Then paint each bottle all over in one colour and leave it to dry.

You might want to use a different colour for each bottle.

Step 2

Image - dribbling-posts-step2.jpg

Next, using some white or black paint, paint the number 1 onto a bottle.

Then paint the number 2 onto another bottle and the number 3 onto the last one.

Step 3

Image - dribbling-posts-step3.jpg

You should end up with three bottles, each with a number on.

When they are dry you can begin practising your dribbling skills!

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