Make an eggs-traordinary penguin


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Turn an ordinary egg carton into a cute little penguin.

It's easy and lots of fun too.

Getting ready

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You will need:

  • 1 egg carton

  • scissors

  • black acrylic paint

  • paintbrush

  • sticky tape

  • orange, black and white sheets of paper

  • 2 wiggly eyes

  • glue

Step 1

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First, cut two cups from an egg carton and trim them to make them roughly the same size.

Step 2

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Next, paint the insides and outsides of the two cups black.

Let them dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3

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Hold the two cups close to each other and put some tape on the inside to stick them together.

You should end up with a ball shape that you can open and close.

Step 4

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Cut out two orange triangles from the paper and stick them to the opening to make a beak.

Then cut out two black wings, two orange feet and a white belly and glue them in position.

Ask an adult to help you if you find it tricky.

Step 5

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Finally, glue on the wiggly eyes.

Your penguin is now ready.

You can use your little penguin to keep small treasures inside, like nuts or dried fruits.

Step 6

Image - Egg_Carton_Penguin_0013.jpg

Why not make more egg carton animals and give them as gifts to friends and family?

Have fun with your eggs-tra special friends!

Did you know?

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Eggs, together with meat, fish and beans, are a good source of protein which helps your body grow and repair.

They also contain vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A which is good for your eyesight.

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