Cress egg heads

Getting ready

Image - eggheads_step1_cressegg2.jpg

Ask an adult to help you find or buy these things:

You will need:

  • eggs

  • butter knife

  • kitchen roll

  • cotton wool

  • cress seeds

  • felt-tip pens

  • wholemeal bread (to make the sandwich)

TAKE CARE – Some steps need adult help.

Ready to make them?

Step 1

Image - eggheads_step2.jpg

Using the back of a butter knife, crack an egg into a bowl by giving it a firm tap close to the top of the egg!

Step 2

Image - eggheads3.jpg

Carefully separate the two parts of the shell and ask an adult to give the larger part a good wash.

Step 3

Image - eggheads4.jpg

Wet a piece of kitchen roll then screw it up inside the shell.

Step 4

Image - eggheads5.jpg

Next, wet a thin piece of cotton wool and put this on top of the kitchen roll.

Step 5

Image - eggheads_cressseeds.jpg

Scatter a layer of cress seeds on top of the cotton wool then sprinkle some water on top.

Step 6

Image - eggheads_box.jpg

Rest the eggshell in the base of your egg box or in an egg cup, then do the same with some more eggshells.

Step 7

Image - eggheads_leave.jpg

Leave in a warm, light place and sprinkle with drops of water every day - the cress should start to sprout in two days.

Step 8

Image - eggheads_faces.jpg

As your cress starts to grow, draw a face on each shell.

Step 9

Image - eggheads_trim.jpg

Once the cress is about 5cm tall (in about a week), snip it off with some clean scissors.

Step 10

Image - cress-egg-heads-olivia_1.jpg

Now you can use it to make a cress and boiled egg sandwich!

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