Cook it!

Mixer with fruit scones

I'm Mixer and I'm the Grub Club chef. I love cooking healthy meals and making tasty snacks.

To stay healthy we should be snack wise. This means making sure we snack on the right kinds of foods - ones that are not high in fat or sugar.

Try some of my healthy snack recipes!

What will you make?

Delicious fruity lollies

A refreshing summer treat 

Rainbow salad

Rainbow salad

Make a tasty salad for lunch or dinner 

Baked potato chicks

Perfect picnic

Tasty and healthy picnic foods 

Purrfect mushrooms

Make yummy cat mushrooms 

Thank you!


1: Yes: 9305 out of 15633

2: No, but I do now!: 6328 out of 15633

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