Make a chef's hat

Getting ready

Image - chefshatequipment.jpg

To make a chef's hat, ask an adult to help you find or buy these things:

  • a soft tape measure

  • a piece of white card (at least A3 size)

  • a ruler

  • a pencil

  • scissors

  • white crepe paper or a white paper tablecloth about 30cm x 60cm

  • sticky tape

Step 1

Image - cehfshatstep1.jpg

Ask an adult to measure all the way around your head over your ears using a soft tape measure.

Then measure and cut out a strip of card a couple of centimetres longer than the length you measured and about 10cm high.

Step 2

Image - chefshatstep2.jpg

Now fold the strip of card in half LONGWAYS then unfold it.

Step 3

Image - chefshatstep3.jpg

Lay one of the long edges of your crepe paper or tablecloth on top of the card so it meets the fold of the card.

Stick one corner of the paper to the card.

Step 4

Image - chefshatstep4.jpg

Make about 10 little folds along the same edge of the paper to gather it up.

Stick them to the card as you go along.

Step 5

Image - chefshatstep5.jpg

Fold up the bottom edge of the card then bend the two ends of the card to meet each other.

Overlap them slightly then stick some pieces of tape all the way up the join.

Step 6

Image - chefshatstep6.jpg

Gather up the top of the paper to make a point and wrap some sticky tape around it.

Step 7

Image - chefshatstep7.jpg

Push down the point inside the hat then pull it down from the inside, making the hat puff out.

Enjoy wearing your chef's hat!

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