Brilliant bread


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There are lots of different types of bread made around the world.

Why don't you take a look at the eight that Searcher has found out about?

Remember to eat wholegrain bread if you can, because it's better for you than white bread.


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A bagel is a round bread roll with a hole in the middle made from wheat flour.

It's a Jewish speciality.

Try it with tuna, tomatoes and cucumber.


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A chapati is an Indian round flat bread made from wheat flour.

People use it instead of forks to scoop up their food.

Try it with a delicious chickpea curry.


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A ciabatta is an Italian bread made from wheat flour.

Ciabatta means 'slipper' in Italian.

Try it with tomato, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves.

Dark rye bread

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Dark rye bread is made from rye flour.

It's very popular in Germany.

Try it with eggs, low-fat mayonnaise and cress.

Pitta bread

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Pitta bread is an oval shaped flat bread made with wheat flour.

It's popular in Greece and Turkey.

Cut it down the side to make a pocket and enjoy it with falafel, tomato and green salad

Sliced bread

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Sliced bread is very common in Britain and the USA.

There are many types, including white, granary and wholemeal.

Try it with houmous and grated carrots.

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Soda bread

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Soda bread is a traditional Irish bread made from wholewheat flour.

Try it with some yummy leek and potato soup.

Why not try making our soda bread?


Image - tortilla.jpg

A tortilla is a Mexican round flat bread made from maize flour.

Try it as a wrap with chicken, cucumber, red pepper and lettuce.

Bread challenge

How many types of bread can you name? 

What types of bread have you tried? 

What is your favourite type of bread?

What kind of foods do you usually eat bread with?

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