Make a bird feeder

Getting ready

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When it's cold, it can be difficult for birds to find the food they need.

A bird feeder is a great way to help them grow big and strong like you!

Keep your feeders well stocked, especially in winter.

Birds might go hungry if you forget!

You will need:

  • plastic bottle

  • marker

  • scissors

  • disposable chopsticks

  • string

  • acrylic paint to decorate the bird feeder

  • bird seeds (you can buy them at any supermarket, pet shops or garden centres)

Step 1

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Use the marker to draw dots on opposite sides of the bottle.

This is where the string will go to hang the bottle.

Then draw two more dots for the chopstick that the birds will use as a perch.

Draw doors on opposite sides of the bottle, where the birds will come to feed.

Step 2

Image - birdf2.jpg

Next, ask an adult to cut along the lines to make the two doors and cut holes for the string and chopstick.

Also make small holes in the bottom of the bottle so that any rain water will drain away.

Step 3

Image - birdf3.jpg

Slide the chopstick through the hole at the bottom of the bottle and out the other side.

Then push the string through the holes at the top, so the bottle will hang by the string.

Paint the bird feeder as you like and leave it to dry.

Step 4

Image - birdf4.jpg

Finally, fill the bird feeder up to the door with bird seeds.

Hang it on a tree branch or washing line and enjoy watching the birds come and feed!


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Bird seeds are not good for us, but there are other kinds of seeds that are grown for people to eat which are yummy.

Sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds make a tasty crunchy snack or can be added to breakfast cereals.

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