Berry mess


Image - berrymess-finished.jpg

To make enough berry mess to serve 2 children you will need these ingredients:

  • 200g low-fat fromage frais

  • 40g crushed low-fat ginger biscuits

  • 250g mixed strawberries and raspberries

  • 2 teaspoons honey

  •  a few mint leaves (optional)

Be careful: Only use the ginger biscuits in this recipe if you know you are not allergic to nuts.


Image - berrymess-ingredients.jpg

Ask an adult to help you get together these pieces of equipment:

  • teaspoon

  • sharp knife

  • mixing spoon

  • weighing scales

  • mixing bowl

  • glass to serve

  • decorations (optional)

Remember to wash your hands before you touch the food!

Step 1

Image - berrymess-step1.jpg

With an adult, chop the strawberries into small chunks. Then put all the ingredients into a large bowl. Mix them together.

Step 2

Image - berrymess-step2.jpg

Next, spoon some of the mixture into a glass.

Step 3

Image - berrymess-finished.jpg

Add some mint and decorations if you have them, and serve!

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