Vegetables around the world


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Vegetables grow all over the world.

Many of the vegetables we buy in shops have travelled a long way to get to us by boat or plane.

Some of the vegetables shown here might grow in other countries too.

If you can, buy vegetables and fruits that are grown locally and when they are in season - they are usually cheaper and they'll have the best flavour.


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Asparagus grows in cool countries like the UK.

It is usually steamed or boiled.

It tastes delicious both hot and cold.

Add it to your salads or eat on its own.


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Pak-choi grows in cool countries like China.

It's a type of cabbage with dark green leaves.

The leaves and stalks are usually chopped and stir-fried with other vegetables.


Image - Plantain.jpg

Plantain grows in hot countries like Uganda.

It's a type of banana, but bigger and less sweet.

It's often used in Caribbean and African cooking in savoury dishes.


Image - Fennel.jpg

Fennel grows in hot countries like Mexico.

It has an interesting taste, a bit like liquorice!

You can eat fennel raw in salads, or cooked in soups and casseroles.


Image - Mangetout.jpg

Mangetout are a cool season vegetable.

Its French name means 'eat all', as you eat it whole.

It's also known as a snow pea and can usually be eaten raw in salads, steamed or stir-fried.


Image - Okra.jpg

Okra grows in hot countries like India.

It's also known as ladies’ fingers because of its shape.

It's used in Indian and Middle Eastern recipes.

It can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in curries.

Globe artichoke

Image - Artichoke.jpg

Globe artichokes grow in warm countries like Italy.

The heart is the tastiest part.

Artichoke hearts are also available canned in water.

They taste delicious in salads or casseroles.


Image - Peppers.jpg

Peppers grow in warm countries like Spain.

They can be red, yellow, green or orange.

The green ones are less sweet - red peppers are actually ripened green peppers.

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