Jam jar jungle

Getting ready

Image - jam-jar-jungle-olivia.jpg

Ask an adult to help you find or buy these things:

You will need:

  • jam jar with a metal lid

  • sharp knife

  • packet of alfalfa seeds

  • tablespoon

  • sieve or large tea strainer

  • small bowl

TAKE CARE – Some steps need adult help.

Ready to grow your jungle?

Step 1

Image - jamjar.jpg

Ask an adult to help you wash out your jam jar and lid over the kitchen sink.

Then ask them to make some slits in the lid with a sharp knife.

Now you have a seed germinator!

Step 2

Image - sieveseeds.jpg

Put a tablespoon of seeds into your sieve or tea strainer.

Rinse them under the tap by running cold water over them.

Step 3

Image - seeds jar.jpg

Tip the wet seeds into your jam jar and cover them with cold water.

Leave them to soak for FOUR hours.

Step 4

Image - shake seeds.jpg

Put the lid back on the jar and shake out the water over a sink.

Stand the jar in a bowl upside down and at an angle to drain off any last dribbles of water.

Step 5

Image - seeds water.jpg

Put the jar in a bright place and water the seeds twice a day, draining off the water like you did in step 5.

Give the jar an extra shake every now and then.

Step 6

Image - seeds sprouted.jpg

After two or three days, your seeds should have sprouted like this.

Step 7

Image - seeds jungle.jpg

After six days, you should have a fully grown jungle!

Pick some of your alfalfa sprouts and add them to a salad or sandwich.

Top Tip!

Image - jar muslin.jpg

Instead of piercing a jam jar lid, you could use a piece of muslin cloth and attach this to the top of your jar with a rubber band. The water will drain out through the cloth.

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