Making bread

What is bread made from?

You probably eat bread nearly every day - but do you know what it is made from?

Well, most bread is made from wheat. Wheat is a plant which is grown in fields.

What do we do with the wheat?

When the wheat is ready, it is harvested (cut down).

The grains are separated from the stalks and put into sacks.

What happens next?

The wheat grains are taken to a special mill.

There they are ground down into tiny pieces to make flour.

What do we do with the flour?

Flour is mixed with other ingredients like yeast and water.

Then, it is pulled and twisted about to make a soft, springy dough.

Where does the dough go?

The dough is baked in an oven to turn it into bread.

Next time you eat a sandwich, a bagel, a muffin or some toast, think about the farmer's field full of wheat!

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